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 How It's Made   Matters 

 Our Commitment to Sustainability 

 100% Organic Cotton 

Our clothing begins with GOTS certified organic cotton grown and loomed into fabric in Pakistan. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a lower impact on the environment than conventionally-grown cotton. We are dedicated to avoiding the use of toxic pesticide, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically engineered seed.


Our fabrics are pre-washed and dried, which means that our products are tested for you before you even thought about buying them. With pre-shrunk cotton fabric, our clothes won't shrink when you wash them

 Fair Labor 

At Aasma's Dream we emphasize people over profit, ensuring that the men and women in our employ are paid a living wage for their work. Every Aasma’s Dream garment tells a story of skill, artistry, and care. By treating our employees with respect, we create garments that are not only of the finest quality, but are empowering the people who made them and enriching their communities.


Our products are made to fit our exacting standards. Our clothes are sewn with fabrics light enough to wear on a hot summer day yet durable enough to survive a camping trip. We personally inspect each garment for flaws before placing them on our store shelves.

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